HP LeftHand CMC 10.0 Changes

HP’s Lefthand / P4000/ StoreVirtual product has had a major version upgrade with it’s announcement of Lefthand OS 10.0. This release will be the first to drop the SAN/iQ moniker in favor of the company name that created the product before HP’s aquisition a few years ago.

The release of this software upgrade was slated for the 4th December if I’m not mistaken but interestingly their FTP site now has the updated patches/upgrades as of the 26th of November.

I had the chance to download the new files (with some difficulty, I get the feeling their FTP site is taking a hammering at the moment!) and have since installed the new version of their Centralised Management Console or CMC.

Going into this upgrade I had high hopes for its new support for an internet proxy for the downloading of patches, something that has really let the product down previously in my opinion. In any case, the new version now allows you to specify a SOCKS proxy…yay!

Now, the bad news…

It does not allow you to specify any authentication for the proxy…argh!!!! In our environment this is a real pain from a security perspective and as such is not going to help. For now it will be back to downloading the media from an alternative location and copying it to the CMC. This in itself can prove to be tedious, particularly when the CMC decides that the downloaded media is corrupt and needs to re-download it! Oh well…baby steps eh 😛

CMC 10.0 Proxy Setting

On a more positive note, the new version now supports ActiveDirectory integrated authentication. So far I can’t see where this is configured but I’m guessing you’ll need to have your nodes upgraded to version 10 first…i’ll post an update on this shortly.

Further to this there is now an additional SAN status page panel showing all active tasks which should prove to be extremely useful, something that was lacking previously, especially when managing multiple clusters from a single CMC by more than one administrator. Again I’ll post more on this when I see it in action. In the meantime here’s a shot of the Active Tasks pane, not very exciting but gives you an idea.

CMC 10.0 Active Tasks

So that seems to be about it for now, I’d be keen to hear from any others that have found more new features that I’ve missed. Once I’ve fully downloaded all of the new patches I’ll upgrade one of my test VSA clusters and post about that, hopefully I’ll then be able to integrate the cluster security into AD 🙂

Thanks for reading!

About Ben Loveday
My name is Ben Loveday and I am working as a Systems Architect in New Zealand. I have a keen interest in VMware products and are VCAP5-DCD, VCAP5-DCA and Microsoft MCITP certified. I am studying towards VCDX5 certification…I hope! My areas of focus are the virtualisation of manufacturing automation systems with the aim to improve traditional automation/SCADA system design and improve their availability and reliability. I am married with three kids and my hobbies include playing the guitar (less often than I’d like) and listening to music, mostly 80′s Metal and Rock/Blues :-) Oh..and I'm a PC gamer!

9 Responses to HP LeftHand CMC 10.0 Changes

  1. Fred says:

    I figured out today. That after I’ve updated the FOM (which runs on Hyper-V ) isn’t able to connect any more with the current Management Cluster. (Before you add it to the cluster it works fine, until you add it to the cluster.)

    Maybe you experienced the same issue?

    • Ben Loveday says:

      Hi Fred,

      Unfortunately I am not running any FOM machines in my clusters so I haven’t seen that before. If I get a chance I’ll stand up a 9.5 FOM and do an upgrade on it. I’m also exclusively running vSphere at this stage so it may be a Hyper-V specific issue. Let me know if you do find out the cause of the problem!


  2. Fred says:

    Hi Ben,
    We are running also vmware but the FOM we run outside our virtual environment. And we choose for hyper-v because it’s included in Windows and we could run it on the same server where the vcenter software is installed.

    Installing the FOM 9.5 for Hyper-V also went wrong only the 9.0 is okay for that and than you have to upgrade this FOM before adding it back to the management cluster (but don’t upgrade to 10.0 and you can start over again, with the installation of the FOM)

    I will try to find out what caused the problem.


    • Fred says:

      I figured out why the FOM lost the connection to the CMC 10.0 on the server where the FOM in Hyper-V was running. Had the firewall enabled.

      On an other site there was not issue with the upgrade there where no Firewall was enabled on the server with the Hyper-V FOM session.

      An other issue was that a complete lefthand node lost the connection with the other Lefthands. I had to proceed a repair action to recover this node into the cluster.

      • Ben Loveday says:

        Hi Fred, we had a similar problem where I had configured a three node cluster remotely and not all of the required firewall ports had been opened up, leaving the management group in a weird state. I too had to rebuild this cluster as I could not log back into it at all!

  3. momorice says:

    Funny i have that download media corruption in the CMC 10/ nodes in 10 (had to install them manually one by one in support upgrade mode), i tried everything, it does not go away…. any input maybe ?

    • Ben Loveday says:

      Hi there, I see HP have just released a slightly newer release of 10.0 aimed at people that haven’t already upgraded their nodes/clusters to 10.0. It seems to include a few fixes around potential corruption including the password string bug. You could try that, although if you have done them manually already you should now be fine. I had to do some recently that were remote and had to type in the license keys manually…oh my god that was horrible! Particularly when i would make a typo and have to start again!

  4. jo delforge says:

    i’ve just been upgrading..
    hpvsa (hyper-v): 9.5 to 10.0 no issue
    hpfom (hyper-v): 9.5 to 10.0 could not connect anymore, dismissed the fom from the management group
    4 nodes
    1st node had to abort (because of fom issue)
    node 2 and node 3, node 4 had to restart the update procedure
    first, reboot all because update software was still in memory
    then install all updates

    machines were stuck one by one
    I had to login on console and press ctrl-alt-delete (server came online for 10 seconds and then dissapeared)
    so the nodes reboot after upgrade, come online a short time and then dissapear… login/logout on console, press ctrl-alt-delete, the node will reboot and all is ok.

    not funny.

    • Ben Loveday says:

      Hi Jo,

      I’m having similar issues at the moment with adding new FOMs to our existing clusters that have been upgraded to 10. It can be very time consuming and frustrating right? I hope you get things working soon!


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